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eValid -- Get PageSpeed Details For 10 URLs for $99
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Ever wondered where the slow parts of your web pages are? Here is a way to find out — at an unbeatable price. For only $99, payable by credit card, we will run 10 URL timing summary reports like the one shown.

Process Described and Sample Report
We use eValid's unique record/playback engine to download each URL and display the individual component timings. How we do this is explained in the PageSpeed Procedure description.

Sample Output
Here is a sample of the page component "stack chart" that shows you the relative download times of each individual component, done here for the home page.

Performance Chart

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Here's How The Order Process Works
To place your order simply click the button above. You'll be asked to fill in your name and phone/email contact information in the form, and you can specify the URLs you want to be analyzed there. After you have placed your order we will analyze the URLs to make sure they are accessible, and then we will contact you to confirm details, and get your payment information. After we have all of the details correct we will make the eValid runs and publish the results to you on a private web page the next day.