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eValid -- Test Services Opportunity Summary
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There are good opportunities for cooperation between eValid and Test Services Firms which are delivering test services to their Customers. Here are the main points:

The eValid Web Application Testing & Analysis Suite is optimized for any kind of web browser enabled application. Using patented technology, eValid can test ANY kind of web application, including sophisticated AJAX and Web 2.0 sites.

eValid's system of test recording removes most of the pain in developing test suites for applications. Compared with "scripting" (writing tests by hand using a scripting language), eValid often results in a 10X improvement in productivity. Improved productivity improves the Firm's profitability and lowers Customer's costs.

Developed eValid tests and suites of tests are highly portable between machines and environments. Scripts and associated support files are all in plain-text formats, making transfer easy and transparent. eValid tests truly "run anywhere".

Man sellers of testing products restrict the operations of a cooperating Test Services Firm by requiring that the underlying product be purchased by the Firm's Customer. By contract, eValid does not impose this requirement on a cooperating Firm.

Available eValid licensing options include:

Work Product/Delivery
Once a project is completed, who owns the work? In most cases, if the Customer has been required to buy the product then the actual work product belongs to the Customer.

In the eValid case, if the agreement is based on a Commercial License, we have no problem with a cooperating Firm exporting scripts and resulting reports to the Customer. Obviously the Customer will need an eValid license to get use out of the scripts and other material.

The only requirement for this is for eValid to be aware of the main contact person at the Customer site, so that the connection can be verified and appropriate licensing confirmed. At a Firm's option eValid would make the Customer aware of the opportunity to purchase eValid through the Test Services Firm.

Product Sales/Resales
A technical cooperation with eValid neither implies nor requires that the Test Services Firm become an eValid reseller. Most Firms we deal with are users and/or deliverers of work product and do not wish to take part financially in a license purchase by their Customer. However, if a Firm does become an eValid reseller, a volume-based sliding scale discount percentage schedule applies to resale of eValid licenses.