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Business Development (BizDev) Opportunities
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We are growing and we want you to grow with us! Here are some ways!

eValid welcomes inquiries from individuals and businesses worldwide who are interested in partnering or cooperating with our activities. Examples include:

Organization Types
We want to hear from you if you are involved in any of these types of organizations:

Component Export
Certain Technology Components and Subsystems are available for use in custom product developments.

Opportunities For Individuals
You may also be able to get involved as an Affiliate (click for full details).

To Start A Discussion
Call us at +1 (415) 861-2800. You can also use the special BizDev Question/Inquiry page to send us your ideas or suggestions. Information sent through this page is secure and receives special attention. Or send email to Edward Miller [].

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Note 2: eValid product implementation and associated proprietary functional test recording, playback, and loading capabilities, eValid system architecture, and browser based interactive and programmable DOM access methods.