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eValid -- ElementFocus Command Details
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This page expands on the content of MouseOver Recording Mode Summary and is related to MouseOver Recording Modes. These recording modes have application to web pages that have an "animated buttons" supported by underlying JavaScript, or are set up to (by any of several mechanisms) to behave reactively when the mouse is positioned over a region on the page, etc.

Basic Playback Behavior
When an ElementFocus command is played back eValid brings the indicated element into focus (if possible) and examines the contents of the visible text of the element that were placed in the script at record time, as follows:

Focus Needed on Invisible Area
A recorded ElementFocus command always specifies a source index, but that source index may not be visible on the screen. The PageMap can be used to confirm the content of the innerText string that was used to create the ElementFocus command.

Sometimes this text is transitory: it was present at record time, but is not present at playback time. In this case the correct action is to disable the entire ElementFocus command.

Extra NAV Tag May Need To Be Removed
In some cases eValid will record an ElementFocus command with a NAV tag at the end of the command. When present, this will start off the internal eValid "navigational synchronization logic" in which eValid is waiting for completion of delivery of a page signals so that it can proceed in playback.

In case your playback involves an ElementFocus command that includes a NAV tag, and your playbacks freezes with this command, simply edit the NAV tag out of the script.