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eValid -- MouseOver Recording Mode Summary
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The table and explanations below summarize how eValid handles various combinations of the MouseOver Recording Modes. These recording modes have application to web pages that have an "animated button" supported by JavaScript, or are set up to behave reactively when the mouse is positioned over a region on the page, or that have active "drop down" menus, etc.

Processing of MouseOver events of all types condenses into recordings made using the Elemented-Oriented Command Group:

  1. ElementFocus, ElementBlur
    eValid records these whenever the underlying page has JavaScript events active. This features is always ON and is not affected by either the Element MouseOvers or the Absolute MouseOvers mode option.

    eValid records ElementFocus and ElementBlur commands automatically. The information recorded in these two commands includes the complete text (if any) of the area that was sensitized due to the mouse being over the area and bringing it into focus.

    When you leave the region, eValid records into the script the content of the text (if any) to document any changes that happened during the period the area was in focus.

  2. ElementMouseDown, ElementMouseUp
    This is used when eValid is recording a mouse click, or whatever other internal JavaScript event triggers mouse-motion-clicked buttons.

  3. ElementClick, ElementDblClick
    These commands are recorded when the user clicks, or double-clicks, on an element served by a JavaScript passage. Release of the mouse generates these commands in the script window, and if the release after "down" is within the default time interval, then eValid records a double click.

  4. ElementMouseOver, ElementMouseOut
    These commands are active when you have the Element MouseOvers mode option turned ON.

Element MouseOver

Toggle With

Absolute MouseOver

Toggle With

eValid Recording Description
OFF OFF No mouseover activity other than noted above is recorded.
OFF ON With Absolute MouseOvers turned ON eValid records the absolute location of clicks made in a JavaScipt sensitive area of the web page, using the command clMouseOver.
ON OFF When you have toggled Element MouseOver ON the Absolute MouseOvers option either ON or OFF does not affect the recording that is made.

In other words, the use of the Element MouseOvers mode option masks any effect of the Absolute MouseOvers mode option. To record mouseovers in absolute format you must toggle the Element MouseOvers mode OFF.