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eValid -- License Installation Instructions
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This page explains how to install your eValid license.

  1. Download eValid
    If you already have the eValid suite installed on your machine you can skip this step. To obtain the latest eValid version please download and install eValid from:

    After the FTP completes you can install eValid using a standard InstallShield-type Installation. The standard [default] installation is recommended. You don't need a license to install eValid.

  2. Email Delivery of eValid License File As Link
    The email sent to you may contain your license file in a link. When you open the link you will see the eValid evalid.lic file like this:

    eValid License Info Output

    Now go on to Step 4.

  3. Email Delivery of eValid License File As Attachment
    Your eValid license key was sent by email. There will be one or more lines in the license file -- one line for each eValid feature. If you have an EVAL or DEMO, then there is only one line in the file. The expiration date of the individual license features is shown clearly in each eValid feature license line.

    The email message includes your license in plain text and as an attachment. Here is how this might appear in an email message:

    Sample of Email Showing Plain Text and Attachment Form of Message Based on

    Now go on to Step 4.

  4. License File Installation With Manage License
    Use eValid's built-in Manage License feature to install the license, from the pulldown: eValid: Help > Manage License

    Invoking the eValid Manage License Display

    The Manage License display shows the current contents of the evalid.lic file. If you have never installed an eValid license before, this display may be blank.

    eValid Manage License Display

    Copy the eValid license file text from whatever medium it was sent and paste it into the text area. Click Update to bind the license. Click Close if you made a mistake and want to start over.

  5. Installation Confirmation
    To confirm correct installation of the eValid license, use:
            eValid: Help > License Info
    to get your current license, for example:

    eValid License Info Output

  6. First Timers might look at Movies or play Self-Play Demos.

  7. Product Support Resources
    Here is a list of available User Resources that detail all features of this version of eValid.

For full manual license details, Click Here.