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eValid -- License File Troubleshooting
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This page describes the common problems encountered with eValid license installation and operation.

OS Version, IE Version Problem
eValid works with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. Earlier versions of Windows are not supported. Please make sure also that you have IE 7.0 or later installed.

Current versions of eValid have logic that checks both the OS version and the IE version. You will be advised if eValid's requirement is not met by your machine.

Location of License File
The evalid.lic file is a simple text file that is stored by default at this folder:

C:\Program Files\Software Research\eValid\Program\evalid.lic

Format of Feature Key(s)
Each feature key is a seven-field single line of the evalid.lic file. There can be no returns or new lines between the fields. If fiels have included blanks, they are written as quoted strings, for example, "as quoted strings like this". A single line of the license file for the PROF feature looks like the following. There will be one line for each feature activated. Lines are never folded.

45*r23$x "Your Name" 01-15-11 EVALID8PROF 9999 Reserved "Your Company Name"

Reading Contents of License
eValid reads the evalid.lic file at launch to determine which eValid features to activate. During eValid execution you can easily read the contents of the evalid.lic file using eValid: Help > License Info. Remember, even without a valid license key eValid will work perfectly well as a browser, so you can use this command even if you have an out of date, or even an empty evalid.lic file, or even no evalid.lic file at all.

On-Launch Error Message