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eValid -- Load Test Playback Fidelity Comparison
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eValid LoadTest scenarios can be played back with varying fidelity, as outlined in the table below. The full-browser modes -- in the first three columns -- require use of one or more eValid browsers running on the driver machine.

Agent-based playbacks with the eVlite playback engine process back any eValid script but only performs navigation events. Each eVlite instance can have a replication count R of up to 1000. medium-size desktop machine can handle 100+ eValid's, or about N = 10 eVlite's, or some combination of these that doesn't consume all of the memory.

Playback Script FeatureeValid Browser Based PlaybackeVlite Agent Based Playback
N = 1
R = 1000
N = 10
R = 1000
Machine Capacity Issues
Typical Machine Capacity 100+ simultaneous full browsers, any mix of scripts 100+ simultaneous full browsers, any mix of scripts 100+ simultaneous full browsers, any mix of scripts 1 eVlite Playback Agent, one script. Up to 1000 eVlite Playback Agent Replications each running the same script.
Maximum Simulated Users 100 100 100 1000 10,000
General Capability
What's Included In Playback Everything Everything except images URL navigation URL navigation URL navigation
What's Excluded In Playback Nothing Images User Interactions Involving Screen User Interactions Involving Screen User Interactions Involving Screen
Relative Download Volume 100% ~33% 0.1%-33% 0.1%-33% 0.1%-33%
Relative Speedup Ratio 1:1 3:1 1000:1 to 3:1 1000:1 to 3:1 1000:1 to 3:1
Sophistication of Script
Navigation Activity Yes Yes YesYesYes
Secure ID's or any automatically generated URLs. Yes Yes No No No
JavaScript Interactions Yes Yes No No No
User Logins Yes Yes No No No
Text Validation on Playback Yes Yes No No No
Image Validation on Playback Yes No No No No
HTTPS Sessions Yes Yes No No No

Note 1.
For comparison an eValid full browser evaluation of a script that does a single navigation to one URL in Serve URL mode is exactly the same work to the server as a single eVlite playback agent with N = 1 for that same script. In both cases only the named URL base page is downloaded.

Note 2. The 100+ indication makes assumptions about the driver machine and is based on our internal experimentation. If the eValid script being played back is partcularly long and complex this capacity may not be obtained.