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Comparative Responses
Shown here are the comparative responses when eValid acts as IE and as an iPhone client. (click on each image to see the full size Version). [Square brackets show the percentage of desktop delivery data volume compared with mobile device target.]

Website IE iPhone Comments
Amazon 1,220.5 KBytes vs. 68.9 KBytes
Meebo 1,690.1 KBytes vs. 315.2 KBytes
Samsung 2,498.8 KBytes vs. 306.2 KBytes
Sony 6,308.7 KBytes vs. 5,589.9 KBytes
Verizon 2,849.1 KBytes vs. 2,657.2 KBytes
Both downloads involve Flash (*.swf) components.
Five Site Totals 14,565 KBytes vs. 9,235 KBytes
(Disclaimer: Sites are in alphabetic order; no endorsement is implied; used for illustration purposes only.)

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