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Generated Outputs
The sample outputs below are generated by having eValid imitate (via modifications of the User Agent String) these in order. In all cases the rendering is with IE's Trident Rendering Engine. The byte counts shown are from a single made run in May 2011. Click on the sample screens to see the full-size images.

Supplier Landing Page Comments
Samsung Galaxy IE II 73.5 KBytes
Android 1.5
Apple iPad 166.5 KBytes
iPad; AppleWebKit/533.17.9
T-Mobile G2x 44.9 KBytes
Windows Phone OS 7.0; IEMobile/7.0
HTC EVC 3D 276.3 KBytes
Android 2.2; Strings Dalvik/1.2.0
Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play 75.6 KBytes
Android 2.3; SonyEricssonR800i
See also the Mobile Agent Test Page -- One Phone, Multiple Sites example.

Additional Notes

There are various OS version numbers associated with each mobile device, and we have chosen what would represent the most-likely choice among the alternatives. For example, for the Apple iPhone you have the following variations in the User Agent String:

OS    Device Ver. Additional Codes	
----- ------ ---- -----------------------
4     iPhone  4   Apple-iPhone3C1/801.293
4.0.1 iPhone  4   Apple-iPhone3C1/801.306

There are similar variances for the other phones.