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eValid -- Explanation of MessageBox, MessageWindow Commands
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These commands are generally used to annotate a playback script for instructional purposes.

Command Description
Here are the command descriptions.

STAN MessageBox "message" Edit
Pops up a modal dialog box of a automatically determined size based on the message text saying:
    [eValid Modal Popup]
    Click OK to Continue
Everything stops pending the user clicking on OK.
STAN MessageWindow "message" [time [ x y w h ]] Edit
Pops up a window containing the "message". If time is specified then the window persists for the specified length of time (in seconds). If in addition the sizes are specified then the window will be of the specified width w and height h at location x y. Note: The popup window generated by this command is a sub-browser so it accepts HTML in the message text.

Sample Script And Screenshots
Here is a sample script that includes typical instances of these commands, plus screenshots of how they appear on the desktop.

# Recording by eValid V9 
# (c) Copyright 2000-2012 by Software Research, Inc. 
# Recording made on: Microsoft Windows XP 

ProjectID "Documentation"
GroupID "Commands"
TestID "message.explanation"

ScreenSize 1920 1080
FontSize 0

InitLink "" \

# Sample using MessageBox command...
MessageBox "This is a sample text message displayed with a MessageBox " \
        "command in a modal dialog requiring OK to continue.  " \
        "Playback will be paused awaiting the OK."

# Sample using MessageWindow command...
MessageWindow "This is a sample text/HTML message displayed with a " \
       "MessageWindow command for a specified number of " \
       "seconds on the screen at the specified location on the " \
       "desktop and of the specified window size. " 30 10 10 300 300

# End of Script.

Click Here to download the script so you can try it out in your eValid copy.

Sample Screenshots
Here are the resulting windows from playback of the above script.

Sample of MessageBox Modal Dialog

Sample of HTML Message Window

Additional Notes
Here are some addition things to keep in mind.

  1. The modal dialog popup will be suppressed if you have the Suppress Modal Dialog switch turned on. If you do, you won't actually see the modal show up.
  2. The coordinates for the MessageWindow are assumed to be in the visible area of your screen. If you specify values for x and y that are off the screen the command will work but you won't see the message box.
  3. The Message Window accepts HTML because it is actually a complete sub-browser. Scrolling is enabled if the HTML supplied is too big for the size specified in the command.