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eValid -- Error/Exit Codes
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This page describes eValid playback error codes (return codes exit codes), and also describes eV.Manager error codes. Note that error codes are accessible in a variety of ways depending on the context in which eValid is invoked.

An error type may occur more than once during a eValid single playback session. Errors are distinguished as bit positions in the error code value. This value can be retrieved from the system after completion of an eValid or eV.Manager run via a batch/system command line invocation.

Decimal Representation of Error/Exit Codes
The exit code is often reported as a decimal number. That number is the decimal value of an integer composed with the bits as identified in the table below. For example, an exit code of 145 = 128 + 16 + 1 so it means there was a combination of errors reported at bit 8, 5, and 1, respectively.

eValid Error/Exit Codes
BitBinary DecimalExplanation Status
 0000 0000 00000 Successful operation. PASS
10000 0000 00011 TIME_OUT: Time-out error during playback. FAIL
20000 0000 00102 VALIDATION: Validation error during playback. FAIL
30000 0000 01004 SYNTAX: Script syntax error. FAIL
40000 0000 10008 COMMAND_LINE: Command line error. FAIL
50000 0001 000016 OBJECT Failure to find HTML object during playback.. FAIL
60000 0010 000032 BEHAVIOR: Unexpected behavior (e.g. command not executed). FAIL
70000 0100 000064 URL: Failed to get URL for any reason. FAIL
80000 1000 0000128 SystemCall or SystemCallWait command failure or any other FAIL result in the current playback logs. FAIL
90001 0000 0000256 Any other playback error (except EPRISE licensing errors). FAIL
100010 0000 0000512 EPRISE licensing error (not enough available floating seats). FAIL
110100 0000 00001024 (Not Currently Assigned)  
121000 0000 00002048 (Not Currently Assigned)  

eV.Manager Error/Exit Codes
BitBinary DecimalExplanation Status
00000 0000 00000 Specified suite execution normal. PASS
10000 0000 00011 Unable to open specified EVM file. FAIL
20000 0000 00102 One or more eValid playbacks did not complete with a normal PASS/FAIL error code. Test suite execution will be incomplete. FAIL