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eValid -- About V9 Evaluation License Keys
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We're happy to provide you an EVAL or DEMO key for eValid. This page describes the ground rules for eValid evaluation license keys.

Ground Rules For eValid Evaluations
You are being sent eValid evaluation keys for a fixed period of time to permit you to evaluate if you wish to purchase the eValid suite. You may not use this license key for production purposes. During the evaluation period you are provided with nearly complete capabilities (see below for limitations) in the product to:

Provided that you qualify by filling out a simple information form the WebSite robot will issue you a 7-days EVAL or DEMO key. For the longer EVAL key, or in case the WebSite robot is unable to qualify you, we do this customer qualification step manually. In most cases we send qualifying buyers an EVAL key for a 1-week period This is more than enough time to get familiar with all eValid's features and capabilities.

EVAL and DEMO Limitations
EVAL or DEMO license keys impose certain limitations on product functionality. For complete details see the Evaluation License Limitations.

Getting An Extension Key
All eValid keys expire at a fixed time -- based on when the key is issued, not based on when you install the product. We know that sometimes you can't complete your evaluation before the key expires. We're happy to provide extension keys on request. Be sure to explain to our sales team why you need an extension.

At the time you're issued an extension you may wish to request a formal eValid price quotation. eValid is attractively priced and represents very good value for money. Significant discounts for multi-product and multi-machine purchases are available.

Fair Use Request
We want you to be pleased with eValid and we hope you adopt eValid for your work. We encourage you to use eValid in any way you wish during your evaluation period. We do ask, however, that you respect the fact that productive use of the eValid test suite outside the context of a product evaluation would not be appropriate.