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Questions to Ask Your Vendor
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eValid is the industry leading provider of Web quality assurance, functional testing and load testing solutions. In the course of our work we have run across many developers and QA pros for whom automated testing has been a real blessing. It has enabled them to deploy high quality, critical business applications on time and with high confidence.

  1. Can I actually try the software myself?
    Will the vendor actually let your testing team evaluate the testing tools in your own environment against your own application? Or do they try to convince you to watch a canned demo and then ask you to trust that their solution will work after you buy it?

    >> eValid Answer: Evaluation copies of eValid are available from our WebSite robot or on request from our sales team.

  2. Is the solution specifically oriented to Web applications?
    Many firms tool offerings were originally designed to test client server applications. Is the solution offered a retrofit to web applications or is it designed specifically for what it is trying to do?

    >> eValid Answer: eValid is a browser -- with test functions built in. Our products usually pass the 30-minute test with flying colors! Normally you can install eValid and get useful results in 30 minutes or less! eValid is that well designed! And we have a 100% Guarantee.

  3. Can I reuse scripts created for functional testing in load testing? Without modification?
    Since you're going to spend time developing scripts, it would be nice if you could use them for multiple purposes. Make sure you validate vendor claims of script reusability by using your own scripts against your own applications in your own environment.

    >> eValid Answer: eValid scripts are simple and multi-purpose. Any eValid functional test script can be used as part of a load testing script. Enough said.

  4. Will my testers have to be developers to make scripts work?
    If I have to write code to make my scripts work, will I have to use a complicated proprietary language that requires weeks of training?

    >> eValid Answer: eValid's scripting language is purposely simple and direct -- and scripts are simple, easy-to-edit text files. No programming skill is needed.

  5. When I call support, can I deal with an experienced test engineer right away?
    Or will you have to talk to a "handler" who will decide the severity of your question and route you to someone who may barely be able to help?

    >> eValid Answer: Support is available 8AM to 6PM Pacific Time every business day. And, FYI, 'Web app' is properly spelled 'web application'.

  6. About how much will their solution cost anyway?
    Got a ball-park price quote early on in the evaluation process. That way you can find out early if someone's is trying to gouge you. Make sure the vendor understands your requirements so you can be sure of an apples-to-apples comparison. Often times, functionality one vendor charges for separately is included with another vendor's core package.

    >> eValid Answer: We publish our eValid suggested list prices on our WebSite. No secrets here. So there'll be no surprises.

  7. How much does maintenance cost?
    Some vendors charge as much as 25% of list each year on top of already inflated list prices.

    >> eValid Answer: The standard eValid maintenance subscription is +20% per year. It includes phone and email technical support.

  8. Does this quote include all the support and services I'll need to be successful?
    Are you going to have to pay though the nose for a fleet of expensive consultants to get the job done if the tools prove too hard to use?

    >> eValid Answer: You should have no problems: the eValid maintenance support subscription is among the best in the industry! Nothing's hidden.

  9. How flexible are their licensing policies?
    If you need to move your licenses to a different machine, or a different department, can you do that without getting an attorney involved? Does the vendor offer enterprise-wide licensing programs?

    >> eValid Answer: eValid standard licenses are single-user single-host floating licenses. And we have enterprise licenses as well. Moreover, we try to be as flexible as we can in moving licenses around.

  10. Am I going to like dealing with them?
    Trust your instincts. How are you going to feel when you have to interact with this company day in and out?

    >> eValid Answer: We sincerely hope so! Give us a try!

If you really want straight answers -- the real stuff, not the usual hype -- call eValid now at +1 (415) 861-2800. Or, get a free evaluation copy of eValid from:


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