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eValid -- Mobile Web Application "ONE" Load Testing Offer
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For a very low fixed price eValid staff members will create a playback script that includes ONE key performance indicator (KPI) of your choice, and generate a results chart of your KPI varies with number of simultaneous users of your server stack. You will be able to see where your mobile web application service levels reach saturation.

What You Supply
Fixed price eValid PerformanceTest projects can give you a tremendous amount of insight for ONE very attractive combination of features and delivery times. All you provide is some simple information and guidance to our team:

What We Do And What You Get
From that information we do the following and deliver all the parts to you:

Why It Works
Our experience shows that for most web apps the 1-1000 users ramp-up will shake out 99% of your performance problems. This is because you are running actual browser sessions, with full data loading -- no shortcuts or protocol based user simulations. You can expect the kind of results shown in this Typical Mobile Device Loading Example

Getting Started
Here's how to order your "ONE" Test Project Request. Use the form to tell us about what your want tested and what you want time. We'll contact you to set the schedule and to get any additional details.

Fine Print
You knew this was coming, of course: some special conditions and limits apply. But they aren't too difficult and you still can get a lot of value for $1K. Contact us first and we will work it out.