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eValid -- Automated Testing Of Modern Web Applications -- Business White Paper
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Many thanks for your interest in eValid's Automated Software Testing Technology -- Business White Paper.
Here is what you'll learn from this Business White Paper:
  • How Web 2.0 and AJAX applications are stressing test tool systems and making testing more and more difficult.

  • Why assuring the quality, reliability, and performance of these "front end" applications is critical for businesses of all kinds.

  • What market and technical forces led to creation of eValid technology as an innovative answer to this problem.

  • How, with eValid, companies can use non-technical or novice testers for test creation and make big savings.

  • How evalid's approach makes scripting much faster, allowing companies to significantly reduce overall test cycle time.

  • How the revolutionary approach helps to accelerate, and simplify, web application performance testing for AJAX and Web 2.0.
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Automated Testing of Modern Web Applications
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