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If We Can See It, We Can Test It!  That's 100% Guaranteed!

Websites and web applications can sometimes be very, very complex. JavaScript and Flash objects and other types of RIA elements are often combined to produce really spectacular results for the user! It's no surprise that recording a reliable test for such very complex WebSites can sometimes be quite difficult. It requires very thorough knowledge of both the website construction technology and the rich record/play feature set built into eValid.

Even more troublesome, when the WebSite is implemented 100% dynamically (e.g. with URLs selected from CGI-BIN scripts, with PHP or J2EE or similar technologies), both record/play script development and site mapping can both be difficult. This can be a big headache for the tester!

With eValid we have a 100% success rate for achieving scripts that play back reliably for any page on any WebSite! The same applies for Site Analysis runs! We have a 100% success rate in getting complete site analysis for even the most difficult WebSites.

Getting A Reliable Test Playback
When you can't get a recording to play back reliably, or you can't figure out how to map a WebSite completely, please remember our 100% Play Back and Site Analysis Guarantee!

All you have to do is send us the URL you're having a problem with (it has to be a public URL that we can read), and a sketch for what you are trying to do (your "test plan"). Please remember, if a login is required, be sure to include a test/guest account name and password.

We'll create a reliable-playback eValid script for you for that page according to your plan. Such a script will contain some comments that explain how we did the work -- how we got the playback to be so reliable. You can use this sample eValid script as the prescription (or protocol) for how to record similarly complex pages on your OWN WebSite.

Use use the the eValid pulldown Help > Send Script to eValid [F10] to send us the script you have in the Script Window. Or, mail the script and your comments to eValid using the Technical Support Form.

Mapping Difficult WebSites
When you've got a WebSite that has dynamically served pages you sometimes need some fairly tricky programming of all of the Site Analysis options and switches.

If you run into trouble, remember our 100% guarantee: we have never seen a WebSite where we couldn't do a complete Site Analysis.

Send us the URL you are having trouble mapping (it has to be a public URL that we can read), and a sketch of the goals of your Site Analysis (e.g. how deep, what features you're looking for). We'll send you back the exact eValid Site Analysis Preferences settings, parameter adjustments, and Name/Value pair values that map that URL completely. Please remember: if a login is required be sure to include a test/guest account name and password.

Send your request to the eValid support team using the Technical Support Form.

Technical Details and Constraints
Pages being tested have to be constant and work without error. Our guarantee doesn't apply when a WebSite has pages that contain illegal or broken HTML or scripts, and does not apply when the adaptive playback feature is used. Additional technical limits apply to eValid's capabilities; see Technical Details for a complete explanation of current eValid constraints and limits.

Illegal Pages
Because it is a quality assurance and testing tool eValid is intentionally more demanding about the quality of JScript and VBscript than IE is. Pages that contain broad classes of programming mistakes, e.g. infinite loops or dangling references, while they may be tolerated by IE, are generally not accepted by eValid. Obviously, our 100% success guarantee cannot apply with applications that are "broken".

The good news is that such constructs are always problematic, and eValid's ability to provide for early detection of such problems is viewed by QA Professionals as a positive feature.