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eValid -- Three-Tier e-Commerce Monitoring Prices
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Setup Information
Set up and provisioning of three-tier sequences normally requires 10 business days. To complete the provisioning of your service we need:

Fee Schedule
The fees for a three-tier e-commerce alert monitor varies with the length of the service commitment. There is a pre-paid non-refundable setup fee plus a monthly delivery fee. For a pre-paid 12-month service order the setup fees are waived.

Monthly First
1/hour $890 $395 $1,285 $5,630 $4,740
4/hour $1,290 $595 $1,855 $8,430 $7,140
10/hour $1,490 $795 $2,285 $11,030$9,540

Terms & Conditions
eValid three-tier e-commerce monitoring aims to act as an early warning of tested system failure and should be combined with other monitors to confirm system operation and stability. Every effort is made to assure 24x7 operation but may not be possible due to web congestion, DSL availability, gross power failures, and natural disasters. eValid three-tier e-commerce monitoring tests are run from DSLs located in San Francisco, California to assure accurate end-user performance measures.

Effective 01 October 2005 Prices and terms subject to change without notice. Every reasonable effort will made to provide customers advance notices of changes. In regard to service limitations and liabilities the standard eValid Software License applies. Quantity purchase and enterprise-wide discounts are available on request.