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Quick Summary

eValid, is a testing tool suite built into an IE browser -- a true Test Enabled Web Browser™. eValid performs every function needed for detailed WebSite static and dynamic testing, regression testing, QA/Validation, page timing and tuning, transaction monitoring, and realistic & scalable server loading. eValid runs on Windows 2000/XP.

Because eValid actually is a fully functioning browser, eValid has many native capabilities to handle testing of WebSite features that are difficult, awkward, or even impossible with other methods or architectures -- such as passive protocol taps, proxies, wrappers or systems that view a website only from the Windows desktop level. eValid tests any kind of web applications or website naturally and efficiently.
The eValid web analysis and testing suite has a very rich feature set that supports a range of functions: client-side site mapping and QA, functional testing and regression suite development, website timing and tuning, and server loading, and server capacity analysis.

General Features
  • Full capability browser (100% IE compatible).
  • Intuitive in-the-browser GUI and on-line documentation and help.
  • Record and playback of sessions in full ObjectMode with Adaptive Playback.
  • Rich and powerful User Preferences.
  • Easy-to-edit playback script files; logfiles are 100% spreadsheet, database ready.
  • A convenient Page Metrics Popup that details facts about the current page.
  • Full support for testing every type of user-interaction: HTML/S, XML, forms, Java applets, ActiveX controls, modal dialogs, JavaScript, Dot-Net applications, multiple sub-windows, pop-ups -- in short, everything and anything that a browser can render!
  • On-screen dashboard to simplify operation.
Functional Testing, Validation, Regression Testing
  • Multiple validation modes: content, document features, URLs, text fragments, selected images, image parts, applets, etc.
  • Access to internal DOM details via the PageMap capability to assist in script debugging.
  • Advanced Recording features for Java applets, ActiveX controls, Modal Dialogs.
  • Wizards to exercise all links on a page, push all buttons on a FORM, and manipulate a FORM's complete contents.
  • Pause/Resume, Single Step, Run Multiple, Run Forever playback control options.
  • Integrated results logging and charting.
  • Secure session, cookie, cache management support.
  • Synchronization modes for for Flash, applets, variable-time download pages.
  • Command line, batch mode, JavaScript, and interactive API interfaces.
  • Alarm, Error, Warning, Timeout flag processing.
WebSite Loading & Capacity Analysis
  • 100% browser-based user simulations -- no "virtual users!"
  • LoadTest feature combines multiple scripts into realistic, multi-user loading scenarios.
  • Easy LoadTest script setup process.
  • Powerful LoadTest Scenario Editor to simplify suite management.
  • Multiple-browser (e.g. 100+) auto-launch and manage.
  • Cache management feature to play back tests with no cache or an initially empty cache, with or without cookies.
  • Infinite User Key (IUK) LoadTest licensing option for large numbers of driver computers.
WebSite Performance: Timing & Page Tuning
  • Detailed timing including analysis of 1st and 2nd tier transaction times.
  • Timings include values for separate HTML components, images, total download time, and final page rendering.
  • Session time limits, alarm sequences, and error flag processing.
  • Event, timing charts, performance, and history charts.
  • Page tuning data and performance timings to 1 msec resolution.
Test File, Test Data Generation
  • Automatic creation of sequential data from parametric script files.
  • Generation of random data from parametric script files.
  • Capacity for very large amounts of data.
  • Parametric value passing: eValid scripts can call scripts and pass values.
eV.Manager Test Suite Management
  • Creation of a test tree to handle 100's to 1000's of eValid tests.
  • Selection of tests to execute under eV.Manager control.
  • Automatic execution of tests with complete result logging.
  • PASS/FAIL reporting, regression reports, complete test history.
  • Simplified test script check-in and test tree update.
WebSite Analysis
  • Link checker to identify unavailable or broken pages pages.
  • Multiple real-time report filters: slow-loading pages, unavailable links, too-old links, too-large links.
  • Search all pages for string matches in complete HTML or visible text.
  • Website search process can be controlled by on-screen setup of search depth, number of pages, number of links, total time, protocols used, file extensions used, etc.
  • Dynamic creation of a Complete Data Table that shows details of every page visited.
  • Selectable search modes: full/foreground, normal, background/quick.
  • Powerful 3D-SiteMap that shows connections and relationships of all mapped pages [ 3D-SiteMap Animated Sample].

Key Advantages
Here are a few of the main advantages of the eValid web test and analysis suite.
  •  100% realistic testing and loading data "from the browser" to accurately reflect true end-user experiences.
  •  Simplified website analysis and superior ease of use.
  •  Reduces your costs and speeds your web application development.
  •  Improved customer-perceived performance and continuity to protect your website investment.
  •  Truly universal web testing and QA solution that applies to every kind of browser-viewable application.
  •  Moderate pricing and flexible, user-friendly licensing.
Key Benefits
Here are benefits the eValid web test and analysis system offers.
•  Universally Applicable -- you can test anything you can browse.
•  Very easy to use.
•  Simple, trouble-free download and installation.
•  Extremely flexible user settings and controls.
•  Self-contained, fully integrated, multi-featured analysis engine.
•  Everything you need for web application analysis, testing, loading and QA.
•  Generic script language.
•  All scripts, logfiles are easily editable.
•  Very high ROI.
•  Very low cost of ownership.
•  Very attractive licensing options.
•  Unicode Version Available.
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Software Research, Inc.
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San Francisco CA 94141 USA

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