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Performance Test Services
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eValid's Fixed-Price PerformanceTest projects deliver high ROI on a modest budget. No investment in tools, staff and training. You get state-of-the-art server capacity testing to assure end-user satisfaction.
  • Handles AJAX, Web & Mobile Technologies
    No matter what kind of web application, even on mobile devices, eValid's PerformanceTest™ Package gives you answers!

  • Run 1,000's of Real Browsers
    eValid provides much more accurate results than solutions that rely on "busy work" traffic. eValid loads servers with full-fidelity real Browser-User (BU) sessions, 1,000 of them if you want.

  • Detailed Load Measurement
    You can make detailed Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurements from within BU to characterize actual user experience — under constant, stepped, or linearly increasing load.

For a fixed price, within a fixed time frame, eValid's engineers will:

  • Understand your web application.
  • Create eValid functional tests.
  • Set up measurement os KPIs in the test.
  • Create the LoadTest scenario.
  • Scale up to the specified maximum number of Browser Users (BUs).
  • Collect the KPI vs. load data.
  • Identify your server-side bottlenecks.
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Here are examples of the kinds of reports that eValid PerformanceTest™ projects generates for you.
Page download time chart 3000 BUs (Click to expand)

eValid LoadTest Driver Reports.

Page download time chart 3000 BUs (Click to expand)

Page download times with load ramped to 3,000 BUs.

Page download time chart 3000 BUs (Click to expand)

Playback step times (page to page times) with load ramped to 3,000 BUs.

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